Value of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property are everywhere but it most people aren’t exactly aware of what it is and what it is for. It can be as an intangible asset of a company or an individual and it is valuable for those who owns it to be able to claim it as their own so that nobody else can just completely copy it off them since the intellectual property they have is their source of income. That is why intellectual properties can be protected since it is the company or the person that thought about it and had the idea about it is and might be the only people or group of people that might ever think about it.

The intellectual properties aren’t thought of and created for free after all, it takes a lot of effort to be able to create them.

For example, an artist is commissioning her art as a way to earn money. But then, somebody else uses her art, traces it then sells the traced art. That is very offensive for the artist since it is time consuming and uses a lot of effort to create. Art is usually expensive too depending on the materials used so the original artist would really be offended if their art is simply stolen from them, other people claiming their art as their own.

Even if the person used a lot of different images to trace and sell the art it would still be an issue of copyright from the images that are owned by other people or companies and franchises. Tracing and referencing is entirely different after all because tracing is simply drawing over it while referencing is all about thinking about your own art things like the posing and such then if you don’t know how to draw it that’s the time you should look for reference. You’re making an entirely new art not copying off or tracing something.

It has always been an issue on the internet about reposting art as well without permissions from the artist and this is also damaging for the artist’s part since they cannot be recognized at all despite the fact that it’s their art that they’ve put in themselves too to be able to create it and have a bit of their individuality.

A Democratic Society in Media

As a student, I still have a lot of limitations but because of media I was able to see and know about a lot of things. Media was and is still able to help us in being able to express ourselves freely and be able to communicate to people that we wouldn’t ever be able to know about without media. It allows us to learn about important news instantly and thus we are able to respond to such issues just as fast.

It gives us what we need in a daily basis, one could say minute basis too since that’s just how fast the words come out nowadays. Even if people are from each ends of the world, as long as media is accessible, communication would be possible. This existing continuous communication of the people allows the democratic society to continue thriving along with the changes that modern technology is spreading everywhere.

Equality of people’s opinion can be showcased but that doesn’t mean that there are no biases or immovable persons about their opinions unless faced with hard evidence. Empathy and apathy, being insensitive about issues due to continuous exposure to news and causing a stir to the people in our society.

Introducing Myself~

Hello! I’m Charlene Cotillon but I’d prefer to be called Parthenopia or Parthen in short. 18 years old. I’m currently most active in discord so you can find me there and chat with me some time.

I’m planning to take Animation and Game Development for college in FEU TECH.

I’m more interested in watching anime rather than reading manga but sometimes it’s just up to what I want to do at that time. I love anime with stories similar to the ancient magus bride like natsume yuujinchou and mushishi because of the feeling when watching or reading it feels heartwarming of some sort.

I only play Elsword and Dragon Nest which are both MMORPGs since I’m not such a gamer. I tend to focus only on one game and get better on it before trying other games.

I can draw traditionally and digitally although I’m not that good in it yet. I’ve started drawing since elementary after being inspired to draw because of the anime I’ve watched from the television. I recently just got my graphic tablet wacom for my birthday so I’m still learning to use it too.


Here are some of my recent traditional drawings: